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Session 1-2 recap Empty Session 1-2 recap

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:31 pm

Suite de session 1

You have arrived in Jerusalem and the daylight is still a few hours away.

Hearing the maniac screams you rush forward to see what is happening.  Near the central well a ragged vampire kneels, head clutched in his hand and tears of blood streaming down his chicks. He repeat Domino and Five incessantly, mixing whispers and screams. He raves about he killing of a innocent boy and a night of rape and murder, asking for forgiveness.  When one of you approaches he disappears.

You must go and tell of your night to Aurelius.

You are not surprised when you hear him rant about the ventru not telling the all truth and that he will take care of it and try to protect you from the wrath of the tremere.

For now he trusts you enough to ask you to look into the raving man who has been seen for the last few nights.

Some of you decide to go and investigate the last known location of the ventru but find nothing. He has not fled he would not be so brave but the place you have met him is not one he uses often.

You pass the night looking for Five and at midnight finally hear the tell tale sound of his not so sweet voice rending the night’s silence.

You speed toward him and knowing now that he can disappear on a whim take more precautions to approach him.

Contact his made with his troubled mind and you feel flashes of the night of blood. Maddened crusaders, kindred and kine alike, kill rape and destroy everything they can. You see five young soldiers wearing the red crosses of the first crusaders fall like raving madmen on a young and very pale youth in the caves under Jerusalem.

The vision abruptly stop when a shadow with glowing red eyes attacks Five from behind and swiftly destroy him.

A surge of madness takes hold of the city and when you come back to yourselves it is almost sun up.

You rush to your haven and on the following night ponder your next move.

You can
- Go see the old man who comes at night to clean the well. He might know things about Five
- Go to the Zion gate and the cemetery a few hundred meters away where Five was seen for the first time
- Visit the Templars library
- Talk to Aurelius about your next move
- …. Anything else ?


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Session 1-2 recap Empty Re: Session 1-2 recap

Post by lignou on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:40 am

given the fact i have access to it, I search the templars library to find traces of the five, looking at the records of the first crusade


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