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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:59 pm

Je vais mettre un plan de new york avec les endroits que vous connaissez plus tard. Pour le moment un petit recap

Welcome to New York

You have stepped out of the train and the smell of new blood and new possibilities.  

It is quickly decided that to begin anew one must not necessarily starts fresh. One could use an existing business and remake it into something more.  Or at least try to make it one night at a time and see where that goes.

The cab ride to the club is quick but Desmond (Martin) already has a strategy in mind when you enter for the first time the Devil’s Gate.  The idea is to make the club a safe haven and as quickly as possible.

As you take your bearings and are shown to the staff Harry (Thomas) notices that a few vampires are currently lounging in the vip section.  Desmond takes the time to start blood bounding the staff while Roberto (gnou) and Harry monitor the vampires.  Three of them leave.

Desmond comes to greet him and the vampire seems to be very surprised by this turn of event. He asks a few questions and upon discovering that the new comers are all but clueless as to the night rules he leaves a card and a promise to help them integrate better.  For now it is time to prepare Desmond’s place for the kindred and prevent the sun’s rays from entering their resting place.

It s a bit of a rushed preparation and the days sleep is all but graceful but who cares about dignity when one ponders the need for survival.

The following night Desmond continues his blood bonding and they call the vampire for a meet. Roberto goes out to buy a few things they might need for protection, like guns.  Desmond learns that a very important person from the showbiz and probably a kindred has rented the VIP section for a gay party on Saturday.

The meet is set to happen at Prospect Parc, a no man’s land in Brooklyn, where even the army doesn’t enter anymore. A place ruled by the gangs. A place where blood and violence thrives. The perfect place for the kindred’s let out.

They arrive at the meeting place and seven vampires are waiting for them.  The Baron explains the position of the sabbat in the city and that they will have to present themselves to Polonia, the archbishop or to the Tsimice bishop at the very least. He also explains that a small part of Manhattan and more precisely Wall Street belongs to the Camarilla and is ruled by a prince called Veronica McDonald.

There are a few independent clans also in the city and Desmond learns that the Giovanni that do his accounting are also a very powerful clan of vampire. Now he needs to make a phone call but that s for another time.

To seal the good faith between the two packs the Baron proposes a game of hide and seeks. He releases a vampire from a bag of plain cotton and the two decided team rush to catch the kindred. The race is a very short one because probably very stressed and low of blood the vampire stumbles for several yards then finally falls down. The baron teams swears and hoots, clearly displeased with their prey’s performance, and more so when Roberto manages to catch up to him in less than 6 seconds.

And like that the hunt is done and the players’ team has won one favor from the Baron’s pack, albeit a small one.

Now they need to know what they want to do with the withering kindred. They decide not to kill him. They manage to bring him to their car unseen and take him to their house where another surprise awaits them.

A very ugly vampire appears out of nowhere and falls on them. Though quite put off and threatening he just wants to talk.  He presents himself as being called Calebros an infant to Malachite a vampire that knows about their sires.  He wants to get the vampire they have back. He also tells them that the Prince might want them to play spies for him and that he can arrange a meet if they are interested.

He leaves with the other kindred thanks them for not killing him. When they finally get to their loft they can see that it has been purposed for vampires. A gift from Calebros.

The day spent sleeping they wake for the “soiree” and decide to get prepared. Roberto even manages to find a very suave purple mariachi outfit.  

Before it all begins they have time to make a few phone calls to arrange a meeting with Giovanni and another for Roberto for one of his former contact.

The night goes well, even if fewer then intended come ( it was not planned that the club was now owned by unafiliated vampires and trust is very short in the community), and at the end Giovanni arrives.  Though he is genially surprised by this turn of event (the players becoming vampires) he seems to take it in stride. He asks if their contract is to remain the same and tells them that they have a few nights to think about all that is happening. He will remain on all call and he has good arrangements with the “real” owners of this club. There are a few things he still needs to do because things have changed so much that the contract cannot be the same. For instance they are not to open the hidden door in the basement for now because it is protected by a powerful spirit. It is, he says, for their own protection of course and he just wants what is best for them.  Not good for business if something happens to them.

Time to go to sleep for now. …  There are a lot of decisions to make and new friends (protection) to be made.


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