Session 1 recap

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Session 1 recap

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:31 pm

Here is a quick overview of the last game session.

You have arrived to Jerusalem for your own reasons but more to the point because your sires have asked you to be there.

Things are moving here and our sires want to have a hand in it. At least someone they can trust in the mix of it.

Your first impression of the Holy city, Jerusalem, is a great melting pot of faith and tension. There are many expectations for this great city and everyone knows that in a few years the peace will be broken. What people don t know is what is going to happen after.

Your first few nights are used to get a good idea of the city’s layout and night life but also to find a haven and feeding ground. Several things make Jerusalem very different from the other cities you are used to.

For one there is no prince in the city. The kindred are few and follow their faith more than the usual traditions of the vampire. They usually keep to themselves. Even in the clans usual loyalties are divided. It is a place where tensions run high among the faiths and the humans but also among the kindred.

Aurelius the peace keeper among the kindred has asked you to perform a task he has no time for. It is a good opportunity for you to become known and to shine but really it s not like you really a have a choice in the mater.

A young disheveled Ventrue is brought to you. He seems lost and in over his head. He mumbles so much that for a moment you mistake him for a Malkavian. He is very afraid and tells you that a cabal of infernalist is currently operating outside Jeruslamen and that they are greatly affecting the delicate balance of an already delicate city.

He knows that they have abducted someone and fears that their dark ritual may bring doom to this great city.
It is a pressing matter and you are sent off in the night.

You come to a village in the outskirt of Jerusalem where everyone has been killed. A soft chant goes filters through the night and sends shiver down your undead spines. A ghouls stands guard in front of a very simple house and in the flickering candle light you see three figures standing over a bound form laying on a wooden table. They seem to be praying.

You have decided to intervene, and moving silently you position yourselves for the attack.

As the kindred are wont to do you pounce on the unsuspecting vampires giving no quarter. In a few seconds the lassombra’s darkness subsidizes and reveals three desiccated corpses, a headless ghouls and a very grateful if a bit confused cainite.

Introductions are made and the toreador, always the gentle soul, leads the dame away from her tormentors.

A quick decision not to leave any witnesses sees the three tremeres (Though you don t know if you have been mislead you know that the venture was wrong about the infernalists) beheaded and dust blowing in the night wind, ashes mixing with the desert’s sand.

You enter the inner citiy to raving screams and run to investigate.

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