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The Life of a simple Priest

Blessed be the lord for I am alive !

My name is Nicholas D Wolfwood, I am a servant of our Holy Father. I wasn't destined to be a priest though. My father was a farmer, one of the first colon to reach and settle in the once fertile Califonia. I was raised with my seven sieblings, three brothers and four sisters, in the respect of the Lord and with the idea of honest work in our heart. My parents were true believers, decent folks really, our family was well integrated in our community. We were happy... Until the year 1868 arrived...

I remember it like it was yesterday, it all started with a shake, then another one, then the sky opened, the earth shattered and like a monster with a never ending apetit, the earth started to eat my neighbors' house and all the people inside. My family wasn't spared that night, far from it. I lost my father, my big sister and two of my brothers on that fatefull night. I was seventeen at the time and the oldest man of my family still alive. It was my responsability to take care of them, to protect them... At that point I thought that the worst was behind us and that we would be allright , we still had each other and the Lord. I was wrong, so wrong...

We then discovered the real meaning of hunger, of thirst, of fear, and I had to face the reality of how weak and powerless I was. I lost another brother and sister a few days later, they died in my arms, one of them got stung by a wierd looking scorpion one night and the other died of thirst... But I know they're in a better place now ! Praised be the Lord they were spared from what came next. After weeks of wandering we faced a vision that my brain coudn't comprehend at the time. A maze, a gigantic aquatic maze had risen from the shake of the earthquake and vessels battled on it... Seeking passage across the water of the maze was the worst mistake of my life. A ship stopped for us... but not all of us... Pirates, they got off their boat and they took them, my mother and sisters. I tried to stop them but I was too weak and as one of them was about to slay my baby brother I shielded his poor body with mine getting punched into a coma... I woke up I don't know how long later, Theo in my arms, crying for a mother that he would never see again. I was lost, alone with this baby, and hurting. I just wanted it to stop, the pain, the horror, the frustration and the hate that had started to burn inside of me, i just wanted it to stop... I walked to the edge of a cliff and looked down at the hellish waters down below. As I was taking my last step I heard his voice : "You know only angels can fly boy ! Are you an angel ?!" I took a step back, turned around and I saw him. It was like looking directly at the sun. A long black robe, a cross arounf his neck, a thick beard and eyes that in one instant understood all that I had been through... I fell on my knees and started to cry. That man was at the head of a caravan, going further inland, and he decided to take us with him. And that's the day my life truly begun. On the top of that cliff the green and weak boy that I was went crashing down, and I was reborn a man.

Our savior's name is Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, a man that I believe was sent straight from the heavens to descend on earth and spread the word and will of the Lord ! His strenght, mental as well as physical was something to witness. As dangers came crashing down upon us he stood tall and fierce, protecting the ones that followed him. I forgot all my pain, all my emptiness and decided that I too would protect those who couldn't protect themself. A true bound began to grow between us, I truely saw him as a friend, a teacher and a father. Reverend Grimme decided that our group would be called "The Lost Angels" and I remember him calling me "The first Angel" more than once. We kept exploring, fighting and surviving until one day in the middle of the Maze we discovered a source of water, drinkable water ! Reverend Grimme announced that our wander was over and he created on this spot the town of 'Lost Angels". During the next two years, the town grew at an impressive rate. Attracting all the refugees around but not only... A lot of prospectors came, looking for that "ghost rock". I kept hoping that one day I would see my mother and sisters arrive in town but they never did... The town was growing and also the number of problems and incidents with it; as one of Grimme's most trusted allies I helped him as much as I could.

The following period is kind of a blur... I was worried for Theo who was not doing so well, growing in a place like that was pretty hard for a baby.

Then one day I remember opening my eyes in the middle of nowhere, alone with only the clothes on my back and a big walking staff in my hand... My faith and my knowledge of survival kept me alive after that. I remember being assaulted every night by demons and creatures obviously sent by the devil to get my soul. After quite a long wander I reached the town of Prescott where the people were not really happy to see a wanderer, with traces of battle on him and dressed like a vagrant, stroll into town. After being almost lynched by the frightened mass, I eventually got welcomed by the local priest who took care of me as I fell Ill and got visited by horrible nightmares every night for a week. Once I recovered I thanked the priest and was decided to get back to Lost Angels, Reverend Grimme and my brother Theo. The only problem is that during my wander, I got confused, and actually went the opposite way, finding myself really far away from home. As I was preparing my trip back to "Lost Angels", I heard a rumor of a nearby town invaded by a strange and powerfull evil. I realised that the people there probably needed my help more than Reverend Grimme, who was more than able to take care of whatever trials the Lord could throw his way.

That was the Start of my journey as a Traveling Priest, going from town to town, following the gossips and rumors about evil and strange happenings, doing all I could to help those in needs armed, with my faith and my trusted staff. During my Holy Mission the Lord put on my path an amazing man : Professor Benedikt Von Bismark. He was an "occult specialist" if I dare say, a brilliant mind, really. Travelling with him were also a man from china, and what looked at first like a giant, but was actually a simple minded man of impressive power and strenght. Professor Bismark was amazed by the life I was living and pointed me in different directions where my talents and my faith would be needed. The more I got to know the man, the more impressed I was by the similarity we shared. He was a man who cared about others and about the sacred character of life. During one of our discussions I told him that my ultimate goal, after getting rid of all evil on this earth, was to create an orphenage, a place where the lonely children of this world could grow in peace and security. My heart skiped a beat when he told me, without hesitation, that it would happen sooner that I sought because he was going to finance it ! Our friendship grew and we traveled together for a while, helping those in needs with his science and my faith until we left in different directions, knowing we would see each other again. A few years later I received a telegram from the Professor : "Father Wolfwood, the orphenage is built and ready, it's just missing you to direct it. Meet me in Minnessota, Professors Bismark."

Started then the happiest and most peacefull part of my life, putting down my weapon and living the life I had dreamt about all these nights, alone in the desert, fighting faceless creatures. I was finally home, leaving California behind and that life which after a while felt like the fading memory of a bad dream. I have been here since, passing along the teachings of the lord and the ones I learned during my travels to the children, surrounded by love, innocence and peace. But it seems the lord still has work for me, the year is 1879 and I just received a new telegram from my good friend the Professor telling me that I am needed in Washington. So before I pick up my Cross again and leave the orphenage, I leave this letter; small testament of the life of a simple Priest.

Blessed be the lord for I am Nicholas D Wolfwood, Wandering Priest and Holy Warrior !

Amen !


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