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Post by Moriarty on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:59 pm

Background of the soon to be infamous Li ZAHOQIAN, a cook from the famed city of Guangzhou.

My childhood was... chaotic. Things had started rather well for me, I was born in the family of Wu Fei Zahoqian, a revered martial artist who taught none other than the (in)famous Lord Kang. From the moment I was old enough to walk, he trained me in the ways of Win Chun and I thought the path of a scion of a long line of martial artists teachers was the one I would walk always. However, one day, disaster struck. My grandfather and his school disappeared in the space of one night, bringing disgrace and instant poverty to my family. To this day I ignore what happened, though I harbour, in the deepest recesses of my mind, a dark suspicion about lord Kang. And my woes were only beginning...

I was about 10 when it happened. The day had started well, I was preparing "rat dim sun" for noon service at the small restaurant my family was now plying for a living. I remember a great noise and a great silence. When the sound broke down, my older sister and my mother were crying, as my grandmother told them to stop and hush, in the name of,"the Lord Kang". I remember my father, crushing me in his arms. He told me. "the strong sons go to the Lord. It is an honor for the family. Maybe, thanks to you, we will not be poor anymore". "Honor our ancestors son". I left home with the clothes on my shoulders and a cloth sack, hiding a precious family heirloom which had belonged to my grandfather, entrusted by my father.

That was the last of it, as far as my family is concerned. I have since had contact with them, through treasured letters (si quelqun fouille dans mes affaires et touche aux lettres de Maman...Je les émascule à la pelle à glace). Yet to this day, they are an ocean apart and although they are still alive, my memories of them are fading. I still send money back, though at time years passed between each letter. I feared they were dead, their memory kept alive by the "Iron dragon"(kang's company) to keep ME under control. (and also stealing MY money. Bad crime that. I am Chinese. I LOVE money). Yet, recently, I have received good news thanks to my latest employer, a man who proves all white men are not honorless dogs, and I have now a slim hope of seeing them again.

In the following years, I started working for Kang, all the while studying discipline, philosophy, fighting and the ways of Ch'i, all things one can find in Win Chun, if you know how to look. I thought I had found peace, employed as cook on the various boats of Kang's fleet and studying my art. I foolishly thought my life would stay simple. Sadly, I was a little too "efficient" during several sea battles, and soon my art was debased and exploited for less savory actions. Kang's goons came to me and told me I had come to the notice of the lord as a strong warrior. And that the survival of my family hung upon my compliance. I am stuck, trying to get out of that mess, forced to commit acts contrary to my philosophy.

As Kang launched his operations in the USA, I was sent to Dragon's breath city in the labyrinth and joined the terrifying bands of kang's looters, who rampaged the labyrinth for ghost rock. I dare not say what I saw, or did, in that time, but it is a stain on my soul.

I was then sent to Chicago, when Kang founded his railway company, to "smooth things up" (break arms, legs,...) and then on to Deadwood, when Lord Kang managed to appease the Sioux nations into signing a treaty to permit the passage of his railroad on their territory.

Now, cowboys, here is a closely garded secret, that Li will talk to you about after we meet the first horrors of the weird west : I was chosen, among a group of Kang's best warriors, to explore and "purify" a cursed place deep inside Sioux territory, alongside Lord Kang. "Devil's tower" it was called, and it housed powerful abominations coming straight from chinese gost stories. It was a slaughter. Only five men came out of the tower. Kang, three of his closest lieutenants, and me. But with that, Kang won the support of the Sioux nation. I learned many things there : the demons of the ancient legends are back ; my master is a terrifying man, wielding power far above what a mortal should control ; his lieutenants are jealous of my pure ways and of my relationship to the lord, who remind him of a time when he was still "innocent". They want me dead.

After that harrowing experience, Kang singled me out to become the personnal assistant of one of his associates, a scientist named Professor Benedikt Von Bismarck. He is the first white man I met with a true soul. He uses his intelligence, knowledge and HUGE fortune to better the fate of humankind and nothing he has asked me to do is contrary to the teachings of my path. Thanks to him, I received news of my father for the first time in years. I reckon he is a good man.

Today, I have mastered four ways of the fist and four techniques of the soul, but I have a long way to go to even start looking up to my grandfather.


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