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Commit to: Imperial Record GHT 16/2355, Inquisition Record 3771 7/4214
Crossfile to: Battlefleet Solar Sigma Una FG, Tarquinian Campaign HK, [Expunged]
Input Date: 3859999.M41
Input Clearance: Inquisitor Sion
Author: Commander Uriah Privaris
Transmitted: Malleus Dominae (Tarquin System)
Transmitter: Astropath Prime Fane
Receiver: Astropath terminus Saulus
Thought for the Day: Only in death does duty end

Our crusade to purge the system of xenos ends in triumph. The skies over Tarquin III burned for months as we engaged the elusive Eldar corsairs. Praise be to the Guard who finally took the orbital station IP-tVII despite heavy losses and made way for an invasion of the planet below. Praise also the timely arrival of the Doom Eagles of the Astartes, who turned the tide in our favor across the cities and manufactorums of Tarquin III.

Even then, it was only by the grace of the Emperor and the boldness of the Lord Commodore that we drove the witches back into the warp and reclaimed the system for the Imperium. The Eldar took both our dauntless escorts in the initial assault and all three cobra destroyers over the course of the campaign.

To the Emperor we commend the souls of their valiant crew.

Yet this has not deterred us from our righteous course, for neither the Lord Isidros, Mount Ararat or our own Malleus Dominae were lost in the conflict.

Now we return our wounded cruisers to port for repairs and resupply in the nearby Subsector Necromunda, where the 127th regiment calls home. I profess that they have fought with valor far exceeding Guard reputation - they paid in blood with almost a third of their number in service to the Imperium, including many fine officers. Those that survived count themselves squarely in the Emperor's favor.

Be good the tides, for we soon make the jump to warp. Watch over us, mighty Emperor and thy manifold saints, that we may have a safe journey home.


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