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The Asako

Murai.  They have ruled Kanazawa more than any others. They are the one who discovered the Maho cult in the city. They control the Asako Investigator Dojo. They have lost much with the creation of the Wolf Clan

Rei :  Leader of the Murai family
Honami : Daughter of Rei

Yoriko: First strong lineage of the Asako

Zenshin: Leader of the Yoriko family
Toshi: Niece of Zenshin.

Saibankan: Second strong lineage of the Asako

Ogoe: Small house. Currently leaders of the Asako. They are the sensei and rulers of the Asako Monk Dojo

Asako Ogoe Ryoben: Current daimyo of the Azako. Monk and old. No current heir.

Reiko:  Strong allies of the Yoriko family. Followers of the Shiba bushi school.

Takosho:  Strong allies of the Saibankan family. Ties to the Isawa families.


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