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Dragons The Miromoto  Empty Dragons The Miromoto

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The  Miromoto

Seishiro: Traditionnal rulers of the Miromoto they have a very prestidigious Dojo

Hashiko: Former leader and daimyo of the Miromoto. She died during the last war over Kanazawa
Sakiko: Daughter of Hashiko. Probably the next leader and daimyo
Sotan: Current leader of the family
Akatomi: Daughter of Sotan.

Kutulum: Small house of the Miromoto who rose to great power ( Rulers of the Miromoto ) for of few years but fell hard. They have not recovered yet

Nobunago: Small house. Allies of the Seishiro.

Kamiko : Small house. Isolated and they are the sensei of the Kenshido style.

Ayano: The other ruling family. Enemies of the Seishiro.


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