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Who s who in the city  Empty Who s who in the city

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:08 pm

Who s who in Kanazawa

This will be updated often but i ll post it when i do


Semi players :

Ookami Fujida: Former Lion of the Ikoma family. As taken his role seriously but still wears ribbons of the Lion colors

Ookami Hanae: Former Crane of the Kakita family. Yojimbo to the clan Daimyo.

Ookami Kawabe: Former Spider from the Daigotsu family. A mix between investigator and bushi.


Seppun Chiaki Leader of the 9th legion currently protecting the newly formed land of the Wolf Clan and so for the next ten years.

Yoritomo Asaki: Emerald Magistrate Here to help the new clan to control the city and the land

Yoriki: Kuni Izumi. Hell bent on purging the city
Akodo Nampo. Yojimbo. Missing an arm


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