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Rules Changes

As written, unit costs are not balanced and the effects of support/supply lines is very unclear. These minor tweaks adjust the costs and abilities of units, and clarify how supply lines work.


While in Kanazawa, you do not need to worry about supporting troops - part of the cost of buying them includes setting up appropriate support networks. On campaign, things are different however.

While away from Kanazawa, every unit requires 1 Support, or 2 Support for cavalry units. A single Supply Train can carry 4 units of Support, or allow you to move supplies up to 50 miles from Kanazawa (which covers all of the Wolf lands). An extended Supply Train can be attacked, as can Supply Trains that move with the army. Alternatively, armies can forage, and live off the land. This involves taking every bit of food from nearby peasants, incresing resentment and decreasing farming output long-term. It also halves the speed at which the army can move, and is vulnerable to scorched earth tactics.

Ronin units - any unit can be hired as a ronin unit. You pay the normal cost in Duty Points for that type of unit, but when the contract ends, the points are refunded as the ronin leave service. Using large number of ronin reduces the Glory gained in battle, and obviously wavemen are not as loyal as clan samurai.

Rank 1 Units

Ashigaru spearmen (1 point for 2 units). Strength 1, Defense 1.
Light infantry (1 point). Strength 1, Defense 2.
Light cavalry (1 point). Strength 2, Defense 1. Mobile. x2 support cost.
Archers (1 point). Strength 1, Defense 1. Add +1 to general's Battle Skill roll in Step 3, to a maximum of +5.

Ashigaru spearmen and light infantry are both very efficient costs. Archers are somewhat weaker than cavalry, but cheaper to support. The intent is to encourage general's to field lots of infantry, with fewer archers/cavalry units.

Rank 2 Units

Heavy infantry (2 points). Strength 2, Defense 3.
Heavy cavalry (2 points). Strength 3, Defense 2. Mobile. x2 support cost.

These units are nerfed, as they were far too powerful for their point cost.

Rank 3 Units

Elite unit (3 points). 8 points divided between Strength & Defense, plus a unique ability. See for some examples.

Kanazawa Assets

Each unit is equivalent to a company, or kaisha. A kaisha normally consists of 7 squadrons (guntai) of 20 troops, plus officers, i.e. 150 troops. A legion (daibutai) is then made of 6 regular kaisha plus a reserve kaisha (e.g. shugenja, scouts, engineers), i.e about 1000 troops. An army (go-hatomoto) made of 48 (!) daibutai (most Great Clans only have a single go-hatamoto, and even the Lion and Crab max out at 5 or so), i.e. about 50,000 troops.

You have been loaned a daibutai of Imperial troops to help defend the city. They are led by an Imperial NPC and the troops follow his orders, not yours.

Personnel: Archers: 1 unit of archers
Personnel: Ashigaru spearmen: 3 units of spearmen
Personnel: Light infantry: 2 units of light infantry
Personnel: Cavalry: 1 unit of cavalry
Support: Scouts: 1 unit of scouts
Support: Dwelling: a 3 point camp is established outside the city

Your clans have each sent a guntai of 20 troops, which total up one half-sized kaisha.

Personnel: Light infantry: 1 unit of light infantry
Support: Dwelling: 1 points of barracks.

Other features that are available:

Support: Corpsmen (healers; reduce casualties in war)
Support: Signal corps
Support: Supply Train
Personnel: Heavy Cavalry or Infantry
Support: Smith (increases army strength)
Support: Stronghold (a fortress)
Personnel: Clan special forces. super duper units.
Support: Siege Works.


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