1993 New Orleans New beginnings to 2013

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1993 New Orleans New beginnings to 2013 Empty 1993 New Orleans New beginnings to 2013

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:26 pm

Remember where it all started.

1993 New Orleans New beginnings to 2013 Gts0401

You are in the train going to New York.

In your bags are a few things. ID (choose one), money (3000 $) and you have been gifted with a golden cup for your vaulderies.

Last but not least is the number and name of the one who will explain how to survive and thrive in thi world of darkness.

You can:
- call him to try to meet up
- try to do it on your own
- stay in New York for some time
- any other thing ...

Tell me here so that everybody may chip in


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1993 New Orleans New beginnings to 2013 Empty Re: 1993 New Orleans New beginnings to 2013

Post by lignou on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:34 am

first of all, set up a haven and some food. I have around 1000 $ worth of cheap cocaine and extra cash (1000), I set up an operation to sell dope in seedy nightclubs(places with lots of drugs, booze and loud music), also giving me access to a dream hunting ground (stoned young girls, hé hé). The local dealers will get to me eventually, at that point, a little "friendly" persuasion from my part (and tom's ?) will nail us a niche in the nightlife, giving us regular money and prey. Once I (we?) have gathered enough cash, I "persuade" with the help of my other friends the owner of a nightclub we will be associates, before, eventually, taking control of the club, giving us a permanent source of cash and blood, as well as a haven during daylight. Martin's character used to be the manager of a nightclub...we can have toms seduce the customers, i get them high with dope, martin runs the place and relations with authorities and chêne...brings a little crazyness to the show !

If the prince of new york notices, we of course pay tribute.

I do not wish to go running to our contact before having settled down a little, if we come as empty handed beggars to him, we will be treated as such. If we already have some sort of power base before contacting him, we will rise in his eyes. My opinion, the others might want to contact him as soon as possible.


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