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Keeper of the Temple

First you need to go to the Emeral Empire  page 284 to decide location structure and other things
Other features that can be brought include:

Rank 1

   Various spell/kiho creation features.
   Garden (3 points). A meditative garden, reduces the xp cost of the Meditation skill by 2xp per rank, min 1xp.
   Living quarters for more monks.
   More staff
   Supply (1 point).

Rank 2

   Learned shintao sect (2 to 5 points). The temple is famous for championing a new insight of Shintao, meaning you gets lot of visitors per month. Earn 2 koku/month/point
   Renown (2 to 5 points). You temple is famous. Gain 5 glory points/point.
   Research library (2 to 5 points). Lets you invent a new spell/kiho per point.
   Temple allies (2 to 6 points). Can boost the effect of any other feature as a one-off ability.
   Unusual resources (2 to 6 points). Unique artifacts owned by your temple.

Rank 3

   Legendary monk (3 or 6 points). A famous monk lives at your temple. All other monks gain 10 points of glory and 2xp (doubled if you spend 6 points).
   Spiritual connection (5 points). Reduces cost of kiho, increases research effectiveness.


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