The Governor

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The Governor

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:16 pm


The party gained 15 Duty Points to spend on features associated with the Governor station.

   Location: 4. Kanazawa is located on a major trading route linking the Dragon lands and the Phoenix lands to the rest of the Empire
   Stronghold: 4. Kanazawa is a sizable city.
   Defenses: 2. Repeated seiges have reduced the once strong defenses considerably. The defenses increase the city's Resolution Roll total by 2 if it is beseiged.
   Farmland: 2. Kanazawa has some farmland, though more is tainted due to the activities of the maho cult. The city relies on food imports to survive. The taxes from the field earn the city 2 koku per month.
   Marketplace: 2. As a major trade hub, Kanazawa was once one of the richest cities. Recent events have scared away many merchants, but the city still turns a profit of 6 koku per month.

Net monthly income: 8 koku per month.

Other features which you can purchase for the city are:

Level One Features

   Accommodations for high ranking guests. 1 to 5 duty points, each point is accommodation for 10 guests.
   Monument to famous people or gods. 2 duty points, earns you 2 Glory points
   Peasant quarters. 1 to 5 duty points, increases the benefits of all other features by 1 rank.
   Sake houses. 1 to 5 duty points, earns 5 koku per point but also one criminal organisation! Each crime gang causes trouble once per month unless you have magistrate stations.
   Shines. 2 duty points, shows that you are properly religious, increasing morale.

Level Two Features

   Court chambers. 3 duty points, and lets you host winter court. Gives 5 duty points to spend on Ambassador features.
   Firemen. 3 duty points. Stop the city catching on fire, increasing morale.
   Garrison. 2 to 6 duty points. Each duty point gives 1 warlord station duty point.
   Magistrate station. 2 to 5 duty points. Each station houses 5 magistrates and counteracts a criminal organisation.
   Willow world. 3 duty points. A fancy neighbourhood with geisha houses, tea houses and theaters. Reduces the cost of Court Chamber, Magistrate Station and Garrison by 1 point.

Level Three Features

   Forum. 5 duty points for a major marketplace. Gain 8 duty points to spend on the merchant patron station.
   School. 5 duty points. Gain 8 duty points to spend on the master sensei station.


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Re: The Governor

Post by Moriarty on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:30 pm

Ookami Yasujiro, clan daimyo.

This is how I choose to spend my 4 starting duty points :

- 1 point in defenses, to reach level 3. I want walls rebuild and fortified. The small ronin force that settled in our city will also be enlisted, with more to come.

- 2 point in peasant's quarter, to reach level 2. Let's put those people back to work.

- 1 point in market place, to reach level 3. With Daikoku's blessing, the city shall be wealthy. Trade was its strong side, and will be again. Let it be known that buisness is now open in Kanazawa.

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Orders to the prime members of the court

Post by Moriarty on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:40 pm

You are my trusted councellors of the court. I rely on you to lead the Wolf clan. Now that we've began to settle in Kanazawa, here are the main orientations I want you to follow.

Ookami Naito, ambassador

Peace must be maintain with and between the Mirumoto and the Asako families. This will be a difficult task, as Asako Senshin Takehiro seems determined ton avenge his brother's death.
I expect you to :
- work to undermine Senshin Takehiro's influence;
- work to enhance Asako Murai Rai's reputation;
- consolidate our alliance with that part of the family;
- maintain good relationships with Mirumoto Sotan Senshiro;
- make sure that my wedding with Murai Onami will succeed;
- try to use the Murai's connexion with the Isawa to forge a new alliance with this powerful family;
- attend the Murai's winter court to do all those things.
Remember : the Impress is watching.

Ookami Akio, keeper of the temple

This city has greatly suffered from rentless war, and has been soiled by far worst things. I need you to bring peace, devotion and purity instead. It is not my place to tell you how to deal with the Kamis. I will let you handle this by yourself.
But certain things must be done :
- Your primary task is to restore the temples of the city, and bring back religion in the center place it's supposed to occupy. It will take some time, but you will have my full support. I would especially appreciate that you would bring an extra care to Daikoku.
- Demonic creatures used to roam this land, and there are still traces of their most unclean activities. As a result, peasants are working in fear. You will do what's necessary to bring back serenity to those fool's hearts. I want them to work. Be sure to secure the Kuni yoriki's assistance for this task.
- Your idea to contact monks from the order of heroes was good. Follow it, and use the help of Karasu Shisako if possible. But be very cautious : I don't trust her.
- Those twins I left to your care are most important and valuable to our clan, as you very well know. No one must never learn about their true origin, and very few must know about their potential. It will be your responsability to develop it, as I want you to become their Sensei. Remember that if our Isawa neighbours ever hear from them, they will come to claim them.

Ookami XXX, warlord

The city is as good as a ruin. Our clan is now in a position of complete vulnerability. If not for the imperial legion, the army of Asako Senshin Takehiro would have wiped us out. I need you to rebuild this place, and to build a military force that will inspire... Respect, if not fear.
To achieve those goals, you will need to complete the following tasks :
- Rebuild defenses (walls, towers, soldiers quarters, training field, weapon storage...)
- Rebuild some part of the city. As a former Kaiu family member, I trust you possess some valuable knowledge in this field.
- Recruit warriors. The wolf clan needs soldiers, ready to fight wars. But more importantly : we needs samuraïs ready to die for the clan.
- Having soldiers doesn't mean you have an army. Train them, organise them. We must be ready for the time when the legion will leave.
- Equipment is one thing we must not neglect. It could even turn out to be quite profitable for the city, if things go my way. Make armors, forge weapons, and build machines if you can. All of those could make the difference.
- We need to send a strong message to the ronin in our city, and those wandering in the empire. I want you to promote the ronin called Ashiba to the rank of samuraï. He's a former Akodo family member, and a worthy warrior. He shall be the first ronin to officially join the clan, and I want this to become public knowledge. It would be smart to make him your Gunzo, but I leave this choice to you.
I know that tt is a heavy burden that I place on your shoulders. I do so because I have faith in you.

Ookami XXX, Merchant

This position is not the one I intend to give you. I believe that you would make a formidable magistrate for this city. But there are critical missions that I need you to perform before that, missions from which the very survival of the clan depends.
- First, I need you to make the city buisness flourish. We can't achieve nothing without trade.
- You must resurrect the city port activity. Which means that boats must sail the river again, to and from Kanazawa.
- You will need to pay special attention to the docks. Don't let things get out of control here.
- One thing that concerns me is the red light district, and its master, Bayushi Seiko. I want you to deal with this. For now, I gave him permission to remain and do buisness in our city. Maybe he'll turn out to be of use to us, but one thing is certain : he will be the eyes and hears of the Scorpions here. However you chose to handle him, be very careful.
- I want you to tag along Naito-san in attending Murai's winter court. He will need your help and protection in this place.


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Year 1182

Post by Moriarty on Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:11 pm

This is how Ookami Yasujiro, Daimyo of the wolf clan, wil spend the year 1182.

Summer (active season)

- During the summer, Yasujiro will work on organising his court, and overseeing different aspects of Kanazawa rebuilding work.
- When confronted to a significant bandit activity in the lands, he decides to create a search and destroy party, led by Ookami Baki. The main idea here is to create a small unit of "hunters" specialised in tracking and in guerrilla tactics. Yasujiro believes that this might become one specific school, and that Baki has the potential to one day become its sensei.

Autumn (learning season)

- The city is favoured by an economic boom. Yasujiro spends a lot of time with XXX, the boss merchant, to control and organise the activity, so that the clan will make the best of it.
- The daimyo ends up learning that his planned wedding with Asako Murai Honami is not such a good political move, after all.
He changes his orders to Ookami Naito : he will attend the Murai winter court, but in the purpose of breaking those arrangments, and make new ones. Yasujiro orders Baki to go with Naito, while the boss merchant will remain in Kanazawa.
- An important news is announced at the court : the imperial consort will visit Kanazawa this winter. He will remain 7 days.

Winter (played session)

- Yasujiro spends 2 duty points in making accomodations for important guests, and prepares the city to welcome the imperial consort.


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Re: The Governor

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