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Ambassador features have all been converted to the new Courtly Debate system. The rules below supercede all rules in the Emerald Empire book.
Level One Features

Iron Will: Does not exist anymore.
Ability: Matchmaking, Bureaucrat, Clergy, Explorer (2 points each): Instead of a bonus to Resolution Rolls, increase the damage you inflict by 1 when the topic matches the ability.
Service: Couriers (2 points). Before you go to court, pick a topic. If it is discussed, get +1k0 to all rolls in that debate.
Ability: Informant (1-5 points): Pick one other courtier per Duty Point spent. Get +1k0 to rolls which directly target them (e.g. the bonus applies to Intimidation rolls against them, but not to Perform: Poetry rolls).
Service: Favours (1 to 5 points): Increase your Support by 1 instead of engaging an enemy courtier.
Service: Theatrical Connections (3 points): You're a patron of the arts, giving you tickets to trade. Gain 3 points of Glory.
Service: Writs of Passage (1 point): You can grant travel papers for travel in your clans lands. Gives 1 point of Status.

Level Two Features

Ability: Rumourmonger (3 points): Increase the damage you inflict by 2 if your action could benefit from rumours.
Ability: Secrets (4 points): If you reveal the secret and win the debate, reduce the level of concessions you must make by two (e.g. if you lose half your Support, you do not have to concede anything). If you lose the debate, increase the level of concessions the other side makes by two levels (e.g. if they lose 50% of their support, they must make a massive concession).
Ally: Out-of-Clan Official (4 points): You're generally well-respected even outside of your clan. Gain +1k0 to all rolls that would not lose you Honour. If you ever gain ranks of Infamy, you lose this Feature.
Ally: Secretaries (2 points): Gain a bonus of +1k0 to all rolls in debates that allow time for research and communication to be useful (e.g. if a debate takes place over the course of Winter Court, this bonus applies).
Service: Unseen Ally (2 points): Can only be used once, counts as any Level One Ambassador Feature and stack if you already have that Feature.

Level Three Features

Ally: Imperial Connections: You have a link to the Imperial family. Gain +2 Support for your side and +1k0 to all debate rolls (4 point version; bonuses doubled for 8 points).
Ally: Yojimbo: You can call on a yojimbo to defend you, whose insight rank is equal to the points spent.


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