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This page presents the various assets of the city of Kanazawa.

Character's earn Duty Points in the following ways:

• From Status. A character earns 3 duty points per status rank of 5 or more.

• From Advantages. Some advantages give duty points (see page 279 of Emerald Empire).

• GM Discretion. If you do things to earn duty points in play, you'll be awarded them mechanically.

Every character picks one station from the available 6 (ambassador, governor, keeper of the temple, master sensei, merchant patron & warlord) to be their primary station. If you buy primary station features, the cost is unchanged, and you can take 'The Daimyo's Path' to buy Level Three features. If you buy features for secondary stations, the cost is doubled and you can never buy Level Three features of secondary stations.

The Daimyo will give you your post and each will have 4 duty point to spend in his/her office.

Look at your avantage and see with the daimyo to make it work together.


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